Carola: Simply Good Potatoes

“Carola” is one of my favorite all-time potato varieties. Which might seem weird to some folks–I mean, a potato is a potato, right? Well, no. At least when it comes to locally grown or home-grown potatoes, there are distinct flavor and texture differences between potato varieties. The same can not always be said of supermarket […]

I Say Tomayto, You Say Tomahto…

But however you pronounce it, tomatoes are among American’s favorite garden vegetables. I adore them, myself. But only ones grown in the summer, in gardens, locally. Those tomato-shaped and vaguely tomato-scented things in the grocery store that are as hard as baseballs and vibrantly colored as as insipid and watery in flavor as they ever […]

Production Has Begun

Longtime readers will recall that oh, a year or so ago, it was mentioned that my friend and videographer, Dan Trout, and I were working on a documentary film about the food community here in Athens, Ohio. I am pleased to announce that the cogitation, pre-production equipment gathering and research phase is finished and as […]

Finding Food Wherever You Are

Leave it to me to find food wherever I go. That’s the thought that ran through my mind as I was playing with Kat in the golden shallows of Lake Winnipesaukee at my in-laws’ home in rural New Hampshire. No, I hadn’t seen a fish and thought it. Well, we had seen fish–minnows which were […]

Growing the Three Sisters

They are the Holy Trinity of the First Peoples. Corn, beans and squash. There are many Native American tales, most of them originating among the Eastern tribes, about the Three Sisters. Some say that they existed as soon as land was separated from the sea. The Iroquois tell that they sprang from the body of […]

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