Eating Mostly Locally: Vegetarian Ramen for Lunch

I know that many of people approach eating locally with a mentality of deprivation. They discuss what they will give up while they endeavor to eat locally, usually for a set period of time, whether a week, a month or a day, They talk about having “exceptions” to their vow to eat locally, usually three, […]

Food in the News: Junk Food, Plain and Simple

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged an article in the New York Times about food manufacturers returning to the use of cane sugar in their foods and then touting these products as being more healthful than foods produced with high fructose corn syrup. And, in my post, I noted that while high fructose corn […]

Yogurt: Let’s Talk About It

I get emails often from readers who have tried this recipe or that, or many of them and have had fantastic results and they just want to tell me about it. And I love hearing from my readers, especially when they are happy with the recipes they have tried, but you know, I am just […]

Avoid Wasting Food: Make Soup!

I know I just wrote about soup. Actually, I wrote about a specific soup, and gave a recipe. Now, I am just writing about soup in general, because in one of the comments about the Broccoli-Cheese and Kale Soup, a reader told me about something a cookbook author said that just got me all riled […]

Maggots, Mushrooms and Malarky

Last week, two different people sent me a link to this New York Times Op-Ed piece: “The Maggots in Your Mushrooms”. With a title like that, of course I had to read the thing, but after I did, I ended up shrugging my shoulders and saying, “So what?” Which is definitely not the reaction that […]

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