A New Series: Avoiding Food Waste in Restaurants–An IIntroduction

By now, nearly everyone has heard that Americans waste half of our food. This was published in the 2004 findings of an eight year long, USDA-funded study done by anthropologists at University of Arizona’s Bureau of Applied Research Anthropology. Most of the waste occurs after food gets into consumer outlets such as grocery or convenience […]

A Menu For Hope: Just A Few More Hours To Send A Lot OF Hope

I want to thank all of my readers who have so generously donated to A Menu For Hope this year, and while it is true that we have together broken last years record of approximately $62, 000.00, we’d like, in the last few hours of the campaign, send as much as we possibly can to […]

A Menu For Hope Continues…

A Menu For Hope continues on–and blog readers are giving generously to help out the school lunch program of Lesotho. I know it is hard to choose among so many amazing prizes, but do give it a shot and buy a raffle ticket or two or three. They make great gifts for those hard to […]

The Culinary Nerd Plays Free Rice…And Plays, And Plays, And Plays…

Hello, my name is Barbara, I am a Culinary Nerd, and I have a problem. With addiction. I can’t stop playing Free Rice. Why? Well, besides the fact that it is a vocabulary game that tests your language skills by giving you words, and then four choices of definition, which, for a literary nerd like […]

Updated Description and Photo of “A Gift of Indian Spices” Menu For Hope Prize

Now, you can finally see all the goodies which will come to the lucky winner of prize number UC06: “A Gift of Indian Spices” from the Menu For Hope raffle. Everything you see, with the exception of the jars holding the three kinds of dal, will be included in the gift. The dals which will […]

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