Garden Woes, Garden Grows

This has been a weird month of May. Last week, and part of the week before, we had a lot of rain and low temperatures–down to the forties and fifties some days and nights. We even had frost warnings and nights that the temperatures dropped down to the thirties. Needless to say, this has affected […]

How Does My Garden Grow?

It is difficult to watch the rain pour down in a cool, wet spring, and not be out in the garden. I spent most of last week, waiting for a break in the clouds, a temporary cessation in continual drizzle, then dashing out to dig a few holes, and plant a few new starts, or […]

Grubbing in the Dirt

It is hard for me to imagine talking about local, sustainable foodsheds without talking about gardening. The two go hand in hand. And speaking of hands, there is no greater pleasure on earth for me, (other than tearing into a freshly baked loaf of whole grain bread, steaming and fragrant from the oven) than sinking […]

Weekend Herb Blogging: Curry Leaves

I first came across curry leaves in Columbia, Maryland, in an Indian grocery store. Set in the cooler, next to quarts of yogurt and packages of paneer were these glossy almond-shaped, deep green leaves, set alternately on gracefully curved narrow stems. They looked somewhat like bay leaves, but they were not leathery enough in texture–these […]

Weekend Herb Blogging: Methi

Methi, also known in English as fenugreek greens, is a lovely plant. It has delicate ovoid leaves of a nice medium bluish green, dainty triangular flowers and grows in a mounding habit. A legume, meaning it is of the same family of nitrogen-fixing plants as peas, beans, clovers, alfalfas and locust trees, methi has deliciously […]

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