Growing the Three Sisters

They are the Holy Trinity of the First Peoples. Corn, beans and squash. There are many Native American tales, most of them originating among the Eastern tribes, about the Three Sisters. Some say that they existed as soon as land was separated from the sea. The Iroquois tell that they sprang from the body of […]

Persistent Herbicides in Commercial Compost = Stunted Vegetable Garden

The last time I had a large, in ground vegetable and flower garden would be back when I lived in Pataskala, Ohio, about seven years ago. When we amended the soil, since we didn’t know many farmers in the area–we had just moved there–we bought commercially composted manure, compost and top soil. And we put […]

Hey, Mom! Where Does Our Milk Come From?

Well, if you drink cow milk, the simplest answer is that it comes from cows. And, it is essentially correct. But the real truth is that milk comes from what the cows eat. And cows evolved to eat one thing and convert it into energy and milk and bone and blood and flesh better than […]

My Happy Mother’s Day Gift

On The Road Again…

Well, early in the morning today, Zak, Kat and I are on the road, heading toward a gathering of his family in Boston which he has entitled, “Mayday, Mayday, It’s the Kramers!” We’ll be gone all weekend and driving back on Monday, so look for a Meatless Monday post on Tuesday. I figured that would […]

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