Kitchen Gardens Grow Food and Families

Having grown up helping my grandparents tend their farm, I have a healthy respect for a good kitchen garden. I know exactly how much work goes into putting a garden together, how much time it takes to keep it going and how frustrating it can be when weather, bugs, and marauding raccoons do their level […]

The Successful Gardener’s Essential Tool

The greatest tool a kitchen gardener can have to ensure successful harvests is not a shovel, hoe, tractor or tiller. Though to be sure each of those tools are useful and necessary, none of them are the single most useful weapon in the gardener’s arsenal when it comes to getting good harvests year after year. […]

I Have Returned, For Real This Time. No, Really, I Mean It.

It’s funny. When I first went back to writing this blog, I really believed I was fine. Everything was fine, I was fine, the world was fine, and all was well. But, you know, that wasn’t really the case. Which is why I went quiet again–I wasn’t quite ready to become a public figure of […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Two New Kitties….

So, during my nearly year-long vacation from writing, our house was blessed with the arrival of two cats. And when I say arrival, I mean it–we didn’t plan to add two cats to our household–far from it. But two stray cats had other ideas. The first to show up was the fellow you see in […]


Hello, everyone. I’m back again. I couldn’t stay away. Writing and cooking, cooking and writing, sewing, writing and loving are just too much a part of my life for me to stay away from blogging forever. I am here, back in my cyberspace kitchen, ready to share again. And I am grateful. I am grateful […]

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