The Last Post

Hello to all of my readers. First–I want to thank all of you not only for sending emails and posting comments of concern here after I dropped off the face of the Internet again. You all have and still do mean a great deal to me–having so many friendly readers and a community of folks […]

I Have Returned

I want to thank everyone who has written me messages on my blog, sent email, and tracked down my husband on LJ to express concern, encouragement and good wishes. Your love and thoughts meant a great deal to me while I was recovering from the surgery, and I cannot really express how much it means […]

The Gallbladder is Gone, Gone, Gone!

I am home, with three kitties curled up in bed next to me, and am feeling really pretty good. The percoset has kept the pain at bay, (though it is doing diddlybupkiss for the caffeine headache, unfortunately) and I have slept most of the afternoon away. Kat and Zak are napping downstairs, the house is […]

Surgery is Scheduled for Tomorrow

So, the gallbladder surgery that was scheduled for earlier this month is actually happening tomorrow morning. Wish me luck and look for more posts on more fun topics like food in the future.

Finally–A Diagnosis

Okay, after several weeks of testing and lots of speculation, I finally have a diagnosis for my upper right quadrant abdominal pains: biliary dyskinesia. Which means, in plain English, that while my gallbladder is technically functional, it causes me intermittent pain when it contracts and squeezes bile into the small intestine. It is a progressive […]

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