Green Garlic Masala Chicken Curry

My favorite dish at Reethika in Columbus is their Green Chicken Curry. Mrs. Reddy makes hers with coconut milk, and it is a haunting, complex, aromatic version of a South Indian favorite. While I didn’t want to copy her curry completely, I did want to use it as a starting point to make my own […]

Untraditional Coconut Beef Curry

Note: This post is two years old, and for some unknown reason, was not published at the time. It was written back when I was still suffering from biliary dyskinesia, which is a fancy way of saying that my gallbladder didn’t work and hurt all the time, even though there were no gallstones in evidence. […]

The Secret To Delightfully Tender Lamb Kofta

This technique is so simple, I almost feel silly writing about it. I only wish I had thought of it myself, but I have to admit to having read it in Niru Gupta’s slender but flavor-packed cookbook, Everyday Indian. And after having read it whilst perusing the book again a few weeks ago, I had […]

Baby Gai Lan With Chicken and Chilies

They say all babies are cute. And it’s mostly true. But some babies aren’t just cute; they’re tasty. Baby greens, for example, are tasty. Baby gai lan goes beyond tasty into a realm I like to call, “Well, why haven’t I been eating this my entire life?” That’s baby gai lan. It’s tiny–the stalks are, […]

What Do You Do When Your Turkey Is Too Big?

Well, if you live at my house and you were blessed with a turkey too big for the number of guests at your Thanksgiving dinner, you strip what extra meat you want from the bird, pop the rest in a pot, make stock and then…make jambalaya. (I grew up in a household where we used […]

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