Creamy Chicken Curry with Peas: Muttar Murghi

Yet another inspiration from 660 Curries. I swear, every time I pick the book up and leaf through it, I find another dish I want to run into my kitchen and cook. It never fails–and what is even more amazing, is that there are very few photographs in the book. I just read the titles […]

Bohti Gosht: Delicious Cubes of Meat

This is one of my favorite meat dishes from India to make in the late fall and winter. Why? Because my very favorite garnish for it is pomegranate seeds. Don’t they look lovely, like sparkling garnets sprinkled over that steaming pile of meat cubes coated in a tingly spice paste? And they add crunch and […]

A Fragrant Chicken and Coconut Curry from Mangalore

I don’t make coconut or coconut milk based Indian curries as often as I make the ones based on yogurt or tomatoes. It wasn’t until recently that I began experimenting with coconut curries, in large part, because my gallbladder seems to tolerate the fat in coconut milk more than it does the fat in dairy […]

How To Braise A Rabbit: Braised Rabbit With Marsala Wine and Wild Mushrooms

I have to warn you: this post is quite lacking in photographs. This is because as I was braising the rabbit for the Toyota Farm to Table event, half the time I forgot to photograph every step, and the other half of the time when I did remember, I didn’t take as much time as […]

Anglo-Indian Curried Lamb Stew

Don’t worry–there isn’t any curry powder to be found in this stew. Or curry. Or whatever it is. You could call it either a stew or a curry, or heck, you could call it Marge if you want to, but the fact is, it is both a stew and a curry. It is a hybrid […]

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