Grilling Asparagus

So, I’ve been quiet recently, and that means I have lots of great recipes to share because I did cook while I was quiet, but didn’t write them down. So, a flurry of recipes will be coming your way in the next few days. (By the way, the quiet is because I had a bad […]

We Got The Beets: Ginger-Kissed Borscht

Yeah, we got the beets! Sorry, that old Go-Gos song gets stuck in my head, especially when I’m scrubbing a couple of pounds of beets to make borscht. See, I never peel my beets–lots of the nutrients are right under the skin, and besides, they are a pain in the tuckus to peel, so I […]

Meatless Monday: Making The Richest Paneer Ever

So, I can be lazy. That’s the only excuse I can possibly have for not making my own paneer regularly. Paneer, for those who don’t know, is the only native cheese of India, and is made by heating milk to a boil and then adding an acid such as lemon juice or white vinegar, and […]

Meatless Monday: Indian-Spiced Twice Baked Potatoes

I thought of this dish the last time we had baked potatoes with dinner, which was oh, just last week. I thought of it, because while I love twice baked potatoes, I hardly ever make them. Why is that? No good reason, really. I guess that while I like them, I just don’t much often […]

Meatless Monday (Tuesday): Garlic Leek and Flageolet Soup

What the heck is Barbara on about now, readers are wondering? Not only is she a day late and a dollar short, she’s nattering on about garlic leeks. What are garlic leeks, anyway? Well, depending on which way you look at it, they’re either garlic or leeks or both, but it’s not likely you’ll find […]

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