Eat Curry For Your Health!

I’ve been reading articles about the health benefits of curry spices for quite some time, but this article from AlterNet is particularly good because it brings together summaries of the latest research on a variety of spices. Worldwide, a great many researchers are finding that spices commonly consumed in Indian curry dishes have myriad health […]

Curried Chicken From the Oven: Masalewali Dum Murghi

Most people think of curries being cooked on the stove top, in a pot, where it simmers over a period of time, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes. But whether a curry takes an hour or more, most of the time, it helps to be in the kitchen in order to stir the sauce and keep it […]

Michael Pollan On The Farm Bill

We all know what the Farm Bill is, don’t we? Well, in case we don’t, Michael Pollan steps up to the plate and explains the history of it, the significance of it, and the particulars of the 2007 Farm Bill in his recent OpEd piece, “Weed It and Reap.” He notes in his well-reasoned essay […]

Peasant Food is Good Food: Beans and Rice

There is a song by Spearhead that I love, and it goes (in part) like this: “….The way to my heart/ is with a garlic clove it smells hella sexy/ when it’s on the kitchen stove (chorus) Red beans and rice, red beans and rice, red beans and rice, make everything nice red beans and […]

PETA Says Meat Eating Is The Biggest Cause of Global Warming

Of course, meat eating isn’t the largest producer of greenhouse gases, (burning fossil fuels for electricity wins that crown) but it sure makes a good headline, doesn’t it? Last month, according to an article in Salon by Liz Galst entitled, “Earth to PETA,” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members tried to bring […]

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