Aprons Come Out of the Closet

I have recently developed a fascination with aprons. Particularly, vintage aprons like our grandmothers, aunts and mothers used to wear. Something about the myriad colors, shapes and textures of the appeals to me. It is fascinating to me how much time was spent in sewing and decorating an item of clothing whose first purpose is […]

Celebrate National Pig Day

How would I like everyone to celebrate National Pig Day? Well, first of all, I would like everyone to recognize where the vast majority of the pork in thi country comes from: industrial farms which are pretty much nothing less than disgraceful threats to the ecological and medical health of our communities. Not to mention […]

The Best Recipe for Culinary Cultural Imperialism

You know, I should just stop picking up Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. I should know better by now. I should know by now that the authoritative tone that their writers take works my very last nerve. I should know that, while their recipes are researched and tested obsessively and thus WILL work, most of them are […]

The Return of Food in the News

Big Pork vs. Little Lactavist I found this on Metafilter yesterday: The National Pork Board, in their infinite compassion and sense of moral clarity, sent a threatening legal letter to a central Ohio mom (and author of The Lactavist Blog) who had produced a clever t-shirt with the slogan, “The Other White Milk” and was […]

What Is The Deal with Fish, Omega 3’s and Mercury?

By now, everyone who reads about food and health should know that seafood, particularly fatty fish such as king mackerel, salmon and tuna, are good for you. They are full of beneficial fats, particularly omega 3 fatty acids, which protect against heart disease, diabetes and help children and developing fetuses build better brains and eyes. […]

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