More Cookies: Lavender Crescents

Anyone who has read this blog long enough to come across my rosewater-flavored Aphrodite Cakes and the much more recent Frostflowers, should be able to divine that I have a thing for cookies and confections with unusual flavorings. Many of the flavors and scents that I favor come from spices, herbs or flowers. One has […]

Unexpected Flavors Blossom into Cookie Alchemy

I suppose one could say it is all Zak’s fault. Or rather, his was the inspiration. You see, for the past two years, at Yuletide, I set out to make one more new and interesting cookie to add to my growing list of sweets that beguile the senses with flavors that one does not expect […]

Cookies and Friends

Morganna’s friend Emma, the eternally bouncy, hopped up to me this afternoon and said, “We would like to make chocolate chip cookies, please,” then flashed a pixie-like smile. How could I refuse? Making spur-of-the-moment cookies with my best friend Diane, is one my most cherished memories of middle school and high school. We’d start in […]

Duck Sauce Cookies?

It all started one Yule eve, many years ago (okay, only five years ago) when I had made about six batches of different kinds of cookies that day. And it was late, but I felt that I had one more batch of cookies in me, so I eyed my ingredients store, and cast about for […]

Whispered Secrets of a Kitchen Tantrika

A batch of Aphrodite Cakes decoratively piled under a cake dome. The cake dome is to protect them from rapacious felines, friends and family who cannot wait until after dinner to taste them. So, a reader asked if my cookies were orgasmic, and I promised to answer in the next few days or so. They […]

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