Meatless Monday: Channa Bhatura

I know that I’ve already posted one recipe for bhatura, and a recipe for channa masala, but these are completely different versions which everyone in the family has decided we prefer. The bhatura recipe is more authentic than the one I wrote about before–there is no yeast in it at all; instead it is leavened […]

Meatless Monday: Cook Local, Eat Global

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but there is a new tagline for Tigers & Strawberries, right up there at the top of the page, under the title. It says, in somewhat sketchy grammar, “Cook local, eat global.” Obviously, it’s a take on the classic saying, “Think globally, act locally,” which I have always […]

Meatless Monday: Saag Paneer

Saag paneer is a traditional Punjabi recipe for a mixture of mustard greens and spinach, cooked together with spices in a creamy sauce that is dotted with cubes of fried paneer. It is by turns, tingly, velvety, and tender-chewy, with a lovely flavor from the combination of spicy mustard greens and smooth, mild spinach. Truly, […]

Creamy Chicken Curry with Peas: Muttar Murghi

Yet another inspiration from 660 Curries. I swear, every time I pick the book up and leaf through it, I find another dish I want to run into my kitchen and cook. It never fails–and what is even more amazing, is that there are very few photographs in the book. I just read the titles […]

Meatless Monday: Methi Malai Paneer

Or, in plain English, Paneer Cheese with Fenugreek Greens and Cream. I ask you all–how in the world can this be bad? It contains fried cheese, the tastiest greens this side of collards and cream. The answer of course is: it can’t possibly be bad! And it isn’t. It is, in a word, amazing. The […]

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