Whiskey Smoked Kung Pao Beef

One night last month, I got it in my head to make Kung Pao Beef. Which is a good thing, normally, but you see, when I went to the pantry, I realized that not only did I not have any Shao Hsing wine, I had no dry sherry either. Horrors! Bad, bad, bad chef, bad […]

A Delicious Vegetarian Curry: Aloo Methi Mattar

Aloo methi is one of my favorite Indian vegetarian dishes. Potatoes are parboiled, then fried in ghee or oil with browned onions, fresh ginger, garlic, chilies, spices and fresh, dried or frozen fenugreek greens. I love aloo methi the way that the earth loves the sky. And I am continually coming up with variations of […]

Fettuccini With Caramelized Tomato and Rapini Sauce

You know, I could have left this recipe for next week’s “Meatless Monday,” but I liked it so much and it tasted so good I couldn’t wait that long. This is yet another recipe to come about because I needed something as fat-free as possible and vegetarian to eat so as to not upset my […]

Meatless Monday: Thai Butternut Squash and Corn Bisque

I have never really been interested in living a low-fat vegan lifestyle, but having a gallbladder that has decided to hate the world, or at least me, has caused me to eat more than my fair share of vegan entrees recently. Pain is a great motivator. If I so much as -think- of eating more […]

How To Braise A Rabbit: Braised Rabbit With Marsala Wine and Wild Mushrooms

I have to warn you: this post is quite lacking in photographs. This is because as I was braising the rabbit for the Toyota Farm to Table event, half the time I forgot to photograph every step, and the other half of the time when I did remember, I didn’t take as much time as […]

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