Key Lime Pie is Not Green

Unless, of course, you are one of those infidels who puts green food coloring in it. In which case, I am not speaking to you. Key lime pie is properly a rich, creamy yellow, from the egg yolks that enrich the citrus-kissed custard that makes up the filling. I did not grow up eating key […]

Why Do I Fear Cooking Fish?

Why do people have cooking phobias? I had to ask myself that last night, because I pan fried some catfish coated in stoneground cornmeal and spices, to the raptures of Zak and Morganna. I pan-fried catfish, because Morganna asked me to, because it is one of her favorite dishes, and she wanted something good for […]

Southern Thanksgiving Tradition: Sweet Potato Pie

When it comes to Thanksgiving, my thoughts do not go tripping down to the pumpkin patch; instead, the sweet potato vine beckons. I gew up with my Grandma making both pies, though in truth, she preferred making the sweet potato pies. I know why. Not only do they cook up into a tastier, smoother custard, […]

Jambalaya Juju

It is spicy. It involves rice. It has sausage and ham in it. Did I mention, it is spicy and involves rice? Oh, yeah, I did. Well, you can see why I think jambalaya may be my all-time favorite bit of American Southern Country-Folk food of all time. Because it is spicy, involves rice and […]

Naturally Sweet Apple Pie

When I was a kid, apple pie was my least favorite fruit pie. Sounds blasphemous, doesn’t it? It is positively unpatriotic to not like apple pie. It is like hating your mother, or burning a flag or admitting to having atheistic thoughts while sitting in front of the baptismal font. It just isn’t often done, […]

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