News, News, News

I’ve been busy, busy, busy. And last week, our internet connection was down, down, down. So, I could not post, post, post. But then the internet came back on, and we had the busiest weekend at Salaam of the past several months, so I was tired, tired, tired. (Tired, but smiling–I live for crazy-busy nights. […]

Thai Chicken Salad With Peanut Chili Dressing

While at work, rolling up some Thai-Vietnamese summer rolls–those delicious, fresh, light appetizers made from rice paper wrappers filled with crisp bean sprouts, fragrant herbs, earthy bean sprouts, rice noodles, and for non-vegetarians, shrimp, I came up with an idea for a nice, cooling salad to run as a dinner special later. It came about […]

Seared Tuna a l’Indienne

First of all, this is not a traditional Indian fish dish. That is why it has a French name, not an Indian one. It is an original recipe using traditional Indian elements such as dal, chutney and papad, put together by me in untraditional ways. I have to admit that the idea for this dinner […]

My Take On The Toque

You know, I am going to own up to something right here and right now: I utterly loathe and despise the toque, which is the proper name of the classic chef’s hat. Whether it is tall and straight sided with a bazillion pleats which mythically refer to the number of ways a proper chef knows […]

This Is Why I Have Been Absent From The Blog

This has been a super-busy week. We had a load of prep to do at work, and at home, we had to get our butts in gear, and get our ducks in a row and all those cliches, because we were going to be inundated by grandparents, grandparents and more grandparents, all coming together in […]

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