Cold Sesame-Peanut Noodles Beat The Summer Heat

I always tend to lose weight during the months of August and September. That is because those tend to be the hottest months of the year here in Southeastern Ohio. Humidity is usually off the scale, and no breezes blow, while the endless sunlight pours from an azure sky in unremitting waves of heat, crashing […]

Chinese Wheat Noodles 101

Italy and China have been metaphorically duking it out over which country is the birthplace to the ubiquitous noodle. Archaeologists can confidently say that noodles as a foodstuff originated in China; recently a noodle excavated inside an overturned pot near the Yellow River was carbon-dated to approximately 4,000 years ago. That is an old noodle, […]

Morganna’s Simple Vegetable Stir Fry Using Barbara’s Rules of Three

To test my theories on making simple Chinese stir fries, Morganna set out to follow my Rules of Three, and concoct a vegetarian dish to accompany another stir fry I was making that included meat. Morganna is generally no better at following formulas and recipes than I am, but she stuck to the premise of […]

Creating Your Own Foolproof Chinese Stir Fry Step Four: The Supporting Ingredients

We are in the home stretch now. This is the final trio of ingredients necessary to make a simple Chinese stir fry, and they are really basic. They are so basic that when you eat the your stir fried dish, you likely will not even think about them being there. But, they are there, just […]

Creating Your Own Foolproof Chinese Stir-Fry–Step Three: The Condiments

What exactly is a condiment? In the context of this series of posts on creating your own simple Chinese stir fried dishes, a condiment is a bottled or jarred liquid or paste that is used in fairly small amounts to enhance the natural flavors of the main ingredients of the dish without overpowering them. If […]

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