Kale With Panch Phoran

I don’t know if they grow kale in Bengal, but I bet that some sort of dark leafy green is cooked and eaten there. Folks all over the world seem to like greens, so I feel confident that while I improvised this recipe in my own kitchen, using what was on hand, that somewhere in […]

Panch Phoran

I dream in color. I have always dreamed in color. I have always dreamed of India, and when I dream of that place I have never been, it always is filled with color, and light and motion and music. The brilliance of an azure sky, and the dappled shade beneath mango trees. The twining pepper […]

Back to School With Black Cardamom: The Spice is Right VI

Black Cardamom (Amomum subulatum) is one of those spices that I use rather often, but about which I don’t know much. I first encountered it in the kitchen of the Pakistani/ Bangladeshi couple who were my first personal chef clients. The box was marked in Hindi and transliterated Hindi (Hindi in English letters) as “Kali […]

The Spice is Right Reminder: Back To School

This is just a quick reminder to all those spice bloggers out there that the deadline for The Spice is Right VI: Back to School is coming upon us fast. This time around, the challenge is to pick a spice that you have either never used, or know very little about, and learn about it. […]

“The Spice Is Right” VI Theme: Back To School

I was always an odd child. The fading end of August and the beginning of September were always one of my favorite times of year. Not the favorite–the favorite was deep autumn, in October, when the air is crisp with chilling winds, the sky is a blazing blue that perfectly sets off the fiery leaves, […]

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