Wok Wonderings

I get emails all the time about woks. Where to buy them, what to look for in them, and what to do with them once they come home. Most of them have pretty standard, simple answers, but sometimes I get more complex questions which deserve to be answered publicly. In my experience, for every one […]

Let’s Talk Woks

I have always invited readers to email me with any questions they may have on matters culinary; every now and then the questions I get give me the idea for a post. This is one of those times. I have talked about woks here in the past, holding forth on my opinion that thin Cantonese […]

It’s HERE!

Pardon me while I jump up and down (virtually) for a while and do the happy Barbara dance, because a long-awaited cookbook is not only finally out, but it is out a full month earlier than I expected! Yes, folks, Fuchsia Dunlop, the author of the definitive Sichuan cookbook in English, Land of Plenty, has […]

New Pretties For the Kitchen

I have to admit that one of the most fun things about visiting the Smithsonian, is that the museum shops rock. Especially the shop at the Sackler. While I am in a confessional mood, I will also cop to the fact that I like dishes. Tableware. Serving pieces. Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, silverware, you name […]

Asian Kitchen Equipment Essentials

A reader recently posted a request on my Ten Steps to Better Wok Cookery essay, asking that I do a post on what I consider the most necessary pieces of Asian kitchen equipment are, what they are used for and where to find them. Before I jump right into the list, I want to remind […]

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