Hillbilly Farmgirl Supper

Yesterday, we did pretty well with eating locally. For brunch, we had some quesadillas made from Holmes County, Ohio cheddar and smoked cheddar, with Organic Valley sour cream and the Calico Salsa I made last week. The tortillas were godawful–I would have done better making my own. Whatever healthy brand they were, I am not […]

Za Jiang Mein

It is hard to eat locally when you cook a lot of Asian foods. For example, the dinner we had Friday night was not exactly what a purist locavore would have approved of. To be sure, the ground pork came from Bluescreek Farms in Marysville, Ohio, and the onions, garlic and cucumber came from the […]

The Path of Pie III: The Best Pastry Crust in the World

As I have noted in previous posts in this short series, the thought of making pie crust used to give me fits of anxiety. I had convinced myself that not only did I lack the “touch” necessary to make good pies, but that such a touch was not a learned ability but some mystical inborn […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Cat Girl

And now for something a little different: a cat, a girl, a catgirl. In celebration of Morganna coming to live with us, I post a picture of her from five years ago, when we lived in Maryland. She was visiting us, and we had just bought her her “bad kitty” hoodie. She wanted to pose […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: This Organic Life

Joan Dye Gussow’s book, This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader is one of those that readers either love or hate. If you want an organized instruction manual on how to grow all of your own food, you will hate it. If you like amusing memoirs which are also packed with useful information on […]

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