The Path of Pie II: Tools Without Tears

In my quest for perfect pie, I discovered that there are tools which are essential to the journey, and tools which do not so much help the baker as hinder her. Some gadgets are nothing but gimcrack fantasies with fatal design flaws which render them worthless in the pursuit of pastry excellence.These paltry bits of […]

Eating Locally; Tasting Globally

Northern Italian style soft-wheat pasta is not the first local food item one would think of when one is living in Ohio. However, right in the heart of the small Ohio river city of Marietta, stands a locally owned pasta factory that creates twenty-one different flavors of Tuscan styled noodles, the kind that Marcella Hazan […]

The Path of Pie

When you grow up among Appalachian folk, pie is important. Cake, yeah, yeah, some people liked cake, but really, a woman was measured by the quality of her pies. Pies were where it was at. If a woman could bake a pie, she was the mistress of the kitchen, the queen of the hearth, the […]

Calico Salsa: It is All About the Tomatoes

I wait the entire year for summer tomatoes. The rest of the year, I don’t bother eating any fresh tomatoes. There is no point. The hothouse or hydroponic tomatoes in the grocery store do not even deserve the name, “tomato,” they are so unlike the real article–they completely lack the flavor, texture and juice of […]

Hello, August: Time for the Eat Local Challenge

Hail and welcome, all of you regular (and irregular) readers of Tigers & Strawberries! It is the first day of August, and that means it is time for me to set out my parameters for my own personal August Eat Local Challenge. (Honestly, it is the 2nd of August, and I am recreating the post […]

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