Disaster Relief for New Orleans Hospitality Workers

New Orleans is one of the top restaurant cities of the United States; as such, you know that there are a whole lot of chefs, kitchen workers, prep cooks, line cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, bar backs, servers, hosts and hostesses who are currently out of a job. Some of them evacuated, and some of them stayed […]

Don’t Fear the Fish Sauce

I am continually amazed at how fearful salty fermented fish squeezings can make people. Every time I have taught a class in Thai cooking (which has been many times over the past five years or so), I have had one or two people hang towards the back of the room, and when I launch into […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Animal Rescue Charities

Grimalkin and Ozy are looking cozy in these photographs we took of them in our old house last year, but that is because they had a house to live in and a big pillow to lay on. (They still have a house, but it is a different one. That pillow, however, is long gone, I […]

Hurricane Relief Funds

New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities, even if I have never visited it. Full of history and a unique, life-loving culture, New Orleans is one of the cradles of jazz, and is a place that I always dreamt of visiting from the time I was small. I wanted to walk the […]

August Flows into September: Will You Still Eat Locally?

Well, I meant to talk a bit about the end of the August Local Eating Challenge yesterday, but life, in the form of a possibly broken foot, intervened. I took a tumble in the street yesterday, and have since been keeping my foot on ice, and elevated to no avail. Yes, I will be going […]

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