Sustainable, Local and Organic Food News

Local Food New Focus on College Campuses The number of college campus dining halls featuring locally grown, sustainable foods has grown to the point that even media giants like Time Magazine have started to take notice–in a recent article, Time reports that that 200 universities nationwide have started serving local foods–half of them since 2001. […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: A Get-Well Wish for Clare!

Clare, the cat-loving lady behind the delicious blog, eatstuff, was in the hospital all this week after being bitten by her beloved cat, Kiri. The unfortunate incident that led to this hospitalization had to do with a dog running loose who scared Kiri while Clare was holding him; the poor boy was terrified and trying […]

Cookies and Friends

Morganna’s friend Emma, the eternally bouncy, hopped up to me this afternoon and said, “We would like to make chocolate chip cookies, please,” then flashed a pixie-like smile. How could I refuse? Making spur-of-the-moment cookies with my best friend Diane, is one my most cherished memories of middle school and high school. We’d start in […]

Book Review: Fashionable Food

I have never been one to mind fashion. When the preppy look was in at school, I was oblivious, and wore the wrong shoes, the wrong sweaters and the wrong jeans. I never wore a shirt with an alligator, and duck shoes (which I always thought were well-named as they made everyone look like they […]

Kitchen Update: Cabinets, Part II

Most of the carpentry on the cabinets is done; all that is left is to put knobs on a few more drawers. Our kitchen designer ended up having to order more knobs, because when she got a look at the width of some of the drawers, she decided they would look and work better with […]

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