Beijing Stir Fried Lamb, Leeks and Cilantro

Jump onto the irony train with me here, and let’s go travelling north and east, to Beijing, China. (If you don’t know why we are on the irony train, then read the post right before this one. If you’ve read it, you are up to speed with me, so let’s go to the dining car […]

Jamie Oliver Spills the Blood of a Lamb, Film at Eleven

So, Kate of the Accidental Hedonist scooped me on this bit of controversy, but since it is an issue near and dear to my heart, I figured I’d post about the flurry of shock and outrage across the pond over an episode of superstar chef Jamie Oliver’s new show where he slaughters a lamb on […]

Confessions on the Subject of Books

I know that I have already done a post on the subject of Kitchen Confessions, but I suspect that I hardly owned up to half of my oddities, questionable habits, strange tastes, shameful secrets and bizarro beliefs in the realm of all things culinary. And while, in that post, I did touch upon the fact […]

Kitchen Update: Bookcases!

So I have moved the majority of the cookbooks into their new home in the built-in bookshelves in the kitchen. As you can see, Grimalkin has moved in as well, and approves of the open spaces. I approve of them too, however, for a different reason. Whereas she is always on the lookout for a […]

Shepherd’s Pie-It May Be Ugly, But it Tastes Good

Sometimes when the chill November winds blow, and the sky is a granite grey, the soul simply cries out for the warmth of a classic casserole. This is especially true when I have a whole bunch of hungry teens in the house who may or may not have patience for my usual offerings of authentic […]

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