Best Food Writing Anthologies And Blogs

So, of course, I had noticed these anthologies of the Best Food Writing of whatever year, edited by Holly Hugues, when they first appeared annually starting in 2000. But I hadn’t really read any of them until this May when I picked up the fifth anniversary edition, Best Food Writing 2004 while I was in […]

How Many Food Magazines Are There?

That’s a rhetorical question. I really don’t know the answer. But I do know this–there are a whole bunch of them. Big ones. Small ones. Thick ones. Thin ones. This one has a shiny car,This one has a cookie star,What a lot of ‘zines there are! (Okay, Dr. Seuss, I am truly sorry for bunging […]

Turkey Aquisition Complete!

We went to Columbus yesterday to pick up a turkey at the North Market Poultry and Game stall. I didn’t call ahead or order one; I did that when we lived in Pataskala, but last year, because we had been focused on looking at houses in Athens, I forgot to order ahead of time, but […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Are you a Good Cat or a Bad Cat?

I promised a few more pictures of Dandelion for today’s weekend cat blogging, so here are a couple that show the two sides of her personality. On the left, you see she is alert, sweet-tempered and gentle. Playful and inclined to purr. On the right, you see the Cat from Hell. Actually, on the right […]

Jambalaya Juju

It is spicy. It involves rice. It has sausage and ham in it. Did I mention, it is spicy and involves rice? Oh, yeah, I did. Well, you can see why I think jambalaya may be my all-time favorite bit of American Southern Country-Folk food of all time. Because it is spicy, involves rice and […]

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