The Chinese Cookbook Project VII: Not a Cookbook, But…

A minority of the books I am gathering in my Chinese cookbook collection are not actually cookbooks, but touch on some aspect of Chinese food culture. I have historical treatises, translations of old Chinese works on the subject, books about learning to read Chinese characters that involve food, and pictorial reference works on ingredients and […]

Well Dressed Pork, Tofu and Gai Lan

Remember that naked post I made a few days ago about the recipe for gai lan stir fried with pork and pressed tofu, and how bummed I was that the batteries for the camera were dead so I had no pictures? Well, I made it again today, and this time the camera was working! And, […]

Kitchen Update: Cabinets!

About one half of the cabinets are hung and installed! Oh, it is exciting to leave the house, with the kitchen being a mess of unpacked cabinetry and come home to see it all taking shape. There on the left you see the right side of the windows. There is an open cabinet, then the […]

An American Classic, Sans Box: Macaroni and Cheese

As I admitted in my recent post, “True Kitchen Confessions,” I will, now and again, use packaged convenience foods when I need to whip up a super-quick snack or meal. And I will resort, now and again, to the boxed macaroni and cheese, though never Kraft, and not often–and–in my defense, I never do it […]

Organic Food in the News

The recent kerfluffle between the Organic Consumers Association and the Organic Trade Association over how to go about strengthening standards for the USDA Certified Organic label has spawned a spate of recent news articles and editorials. Here are a few highlights: Two days ago, the New York Times editorial board gave their opinion on the […]

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