Thai Chicken Soup For The Soul: Tom Kha Gai

Some foods are comforting because they remind us of our childhoods. They remind us of home, mother, milk, and the warmth of grandmother’s kitchen. They take us back to when life was good, and simple and food was something that came to you without effort. As children, we asked, and then, did receive. Other foods […]

The Issue of High Fructose Corn Syrup

My eloquent, if cynical, compatriot, Kate at The Accidental Hedonist has a post riffing on the recent NY Times article about our good friend and neighbor, high fructose corn syrup. I thought I would pick up the issue with her and examine it from my own perspective, as a little, you know, subversive dig on […]

As The Garden Grows….

I realized as I was tying up my second self-watering box of tomatoes yesterday morning that I had not written about the garden much recently. There have been ups and downs. Right now, mostly ups–as in, the first box of cherry tomatoes I planted keep growing up, up, up, as if they are attempting to […]

Simple Pasta Supper for a Tired Cook

We were naughty yesterday. Instead of staying home and doing the cleaning and organizing we had planned to do, we went out to the Mountain State Arts & Crafts Fair in Ripley, West Virginia, where we walked about in the very intense heat, drank lemonade, ate roasted corn, and shopped among some of our favorite […]

A Minor Miracle: Dad Likes Guacamole and Vegetarian Enchiladas!

You know, life hands us surprises sometimes that we do not expect. Sometimes they are unpleasant ones, but often, I have found myself on the receiving end of surprises that warm my heart, and that makes life just that much better. Two such surprises happened to me this past week, and I am still all […]

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