Lamb Shahi Korma: A Rich Royal Dish

First things first: Lamb Shahi Korma is -not- diet food. It is not low calorie. It is not an everyday dish. But what it is us an utterly sinfully delectable dish of lamb braised in spices, then cooked with a velvety sauce that is fragrant with spices and thick with toasted, ground nuts. It is […]

Dad Went Home Today

I just wanted to give the good news that Dad went home from the hospital today around six pm, and he finally ate some dinner, and gets to sleep in his own living room (he is going to sleep in his reclining chair rather than his bed, because he needs to be propped up), much […]

A Persian Classic: Koresh e Fesenjan–Done My Way

Koresh e fesenjan is a famous Persian dish where chicken is poached, and then smothered in a sauce consisting primarily of pomegranate juice or molasses and walnuts, with a few spices, primarily cinnamon and pepper, added. The chicken with the rich, thick deep mahogany brown sauce, is served over rice, with a sprinkling of fresh […]

Fish Baked With Green Chutney

In this case, it is mahi-mahi, but I like it made with salmon, too. (Salmon is cool, because the color contrasts so nicely–pink fish and green chutney give a technicolor, Bollywood feel to the dish, which I find to be amusing.) I got the idea for this dish years and years ago, back when I […]

Dad’s Surgery Went Well

Another quick update, which I tried to write last night, but the wireless internet at the hotel was acting wonky, so I never got to do the post. Dad came through the surgery fine. They fractured his sternum when they cut it and used the spreaders–so he has extra wire to hold it together, and […]

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