A Thai Stir Fry Full of Flavor: Pork and Gai Lan with Shallots, Garlic and Chilies

I have been craving gai lan something fierce for two weeks, but sadly, our local Asian market hasn’t had any. So, while we were in Columbus buying supplies for Morganna’s better late than never 18th birthday party, I picked up gai lan. I am glad I bought extra, because I want to make this recipe […]

Affordable Luxury: Cream of Asparagus Soup With Cardamom and Chives

There are few foods more luxurious than a velvety cream soup. The cream not only gives the soup its incredible mouthfeel, which is decadently intense bordering upon sinful, but it also boosts the flavors of the main ingredients because, as we should all know by now, fat carries flavor. When your soup is based upon […]

Largest Beef Recall in US History a Natural Consequence of Industrial Agricultural Practices

My regular readers by now should know what I think of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s), which are the backbone of the meat industry in the United States: they create unsafe environments for humans and animals, cause untold amounts of animal and human suffering, they lead to unsafe, dirty meat supplies, and they are just […]

Images From The Valentine’s Day Menu

It is true when people say that for restaurant people, working Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is like the entire pre-Christmas retail season rolled into one long shift or so. Those are the two days in a restaurant’s calendar that are destined for wild and crazy amounts of business. This year, Hilarie had the idea […]

Devising a Special Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe Menu

It is very fun working in a small, local restaurant, especially around holidays. For something new and different this coming Valentine’s Day at Salaam, Hilarie came up with the idea of offering a prix fixe menu that included special appetizers, soup, salad, a choice of two main courses, and a dessert. The Django Reinhardt tribute […]

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