Meatless Monday: Aubergine and Courgette Curry

When you want to eat delicious vegetarian food, my advice is always to look into recipes from cultures where vegetarianism is not considered to be particularly special. Places like India, Thailand or China, where lots of people choose to be vegetarians for many reasons–economic, spiritual and health included–have developed vegetarian cuisines that feature dishes which […]

Lassi for My Wee Lassie

So, I have been putting Lakshmi, my new Preethi Eco Plus wet/dry grinder/mixie, through her paces, and in doing so, I decided that I need to make lassi. I love lassi, which is originally a Punjabi drink featuring yogurt, which can appear in sweet or salty-savory flavors, is a summer favorite of mine, but I […]

The Preethi is Here, and She’s Beautiful!

It came today! The Preethi came today–and I am itching to put her through her paces. Yeah, I personify my tools–and this one seems to be very femail to me. It may be the shapes of the three jars–yes, THREE jars! Or it may be the name of the company, Preethi, which sounds feminine to […]

My Foodie Summer Reading Pile

Summertime is the time for reading. Well, in truth, every season is the time for reading. In the summer, you can lounge by the pool or loll on a blanket on the beach and devour a good book from behind movie-star sunglasses. Or, you can be like me as a kid, and climb up in […]

Meatless Monday Recipe: Spaghetti With Courgettes, Tomatoes and Chevre

Pasta is an easy vegetable-based dish to concoct, especially now, during the fecund summer months when fresh vegetables and herbs are bursting out of every bit of tilled soil in the country, fairly begging to be made into something delicious. If you think about it, many of the classic pasta sauces of Italy are based […]

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