The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Public Produce

As a landscape architect and city planner, Darrin Nordahl is in a unique position in regards to understanding and articulating the feasibility of urban agriculture in modern US cities. Unlike many authors, such as Micheal Pollan, Nordahl has first-hand experience with designing public landscapes in urban environments, and so he can see the viewpoints of […]

Meatless Monday: Indian-Spiced Twice Baked Potatoes

I thought of this dish the last time we had baked potatoes with dinner, which was oh, just last week. I thought of it, because while I love twice baked potatoes, I hardly ever make them. Why is that? No good reason, really. I guess that while I like them, I just don’t much often […]

My Happy Mother’s Day Gift

Look What I Found: Vegetable and Herb Seeds From India

Today started out sunny and beautiful, so out to the garden I went. I dashed out and into the car so fast, I forgot to take my methi seeds that I had soaked overnight in a mug of water (it helps them sprout) and left them on the kitchen counter. No worries–instead of running right […]

My Favorite Seed Companies

My Six Favorite Seed Companies For Vegetable and Herb Seeds: (In no particular order) Renee’s Garden: Why do I love Renee’s Garden? Well, her seeds have a high germination rate in my experience, and her seed packets are among the most informational I have ever seen. Not to mention that the packaging is BEAUTIFUL, with […]

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