The Dreaded Picky Phase

I have written a lot about picky eating. In kids, in adults, what to do about it, cookbooks for picky kids, about nature, about nurture…I’ve written all about it. And if you have read all of those posts, you know how I feel about picky eating–I don’t really care about what people eat so long […]

Vote For Your Favorite Farmer’s Market

And if you are in Athens, or have visited and love our market as much as we Athenians do, please vote for our market. The winning market gets a $5,000 prize from Local Harvest to use to promote healthy, local, sustainable agriculture. That much money would go a long way toward getting the Athens Farmer’s […]

Pucca Noodles

Allright, before I tell you about these noodles I need to explain about Pucca. Pucca is a South Korean cartoon featuring the unbearably cute main character, Pucca, (pictured over there–see her?) who is the daughter of the chef of a noodle restaurant in tiny Sooga Village. The animation is somewhat South Parkesque, with the kind […]

Weekend Kat Blogging: Speech Delay and Fish Oil Supplements

I have wonderful news: last night, at about two in the morning after Kat woke up from a bad dream, and insisted she was hungry (she wakes up hungry in the middle of the night during a growth spurt), we brought her downstairs to make her a scrambled egg. She saw her big sister, Morganna, […]

Feeding a Toddler During a Growth Spurt

. Kat has the most dramatic growth spurts I have ever seen. I didn’t have big growth spurts, exemplified by periods of eating like a horse and sleeping long hours, until I was a pre-teen and a teen. I remember the summer I was twelve, being so hungry at my Grandma’s farm, that I could […]

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