The Recession, Foodstamps and Politics

The recession is deepening, and as more and more people lose their jobs, demand for social services, especially food stamps, is rising. All across the country, families, including those with small children and infants, are going hungry. And the stimulus package, which every Republican in the House of Representatives, refused to vote for, allocates 30 […]

Will Curry Call Her Home One Day?

I suspect that I am quite lucky. Kat, although she has started doing the toddler food-controlling games, still loves real honest to God food. Here, you can see her using a regular sized spoon to feed herself homemade Cajun red beans and rice. Hardly a bland dish, my vegetarian version is filled with onions, garlic, […]

Vegan Parenting Under Fire–Again

I am beginning to wonder if the New York Times editorial board (the folks who write editorials, select freelance Op-Ed pieces and who maintain The Opinionator blog) hate vegans. Last year, the Times published an anti-vegan screed by Nina Planck in which she shrilly likens feeding children a vegan diet to child abuse in response […]

Toddler Tastes

A few months ago on his blog, Anthony Bourdain was musing with horrified dread on the subject of what he would feed his infant daughter when she started eating solid food. A lot of foodie moms (myself included) posted with the hopefully helpful advice that babies and toddlers will eat what you feed them. That […]

How Can Vegetarians, Vegans and Omnivores Learn To Talk With Each Other?

Last Monday, when I wrote the post Largest Beef Recall in US History a Natural Consequence of Industrial Agricultural Practices, I figured that there would be a fair amount of comments, but I never really thought about what kind of comments I would get. I did expect some kneejerk vegan responses which are always an […]

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