Salon Article On The Making Of The Humane Society Slaughterhouse Video

This is going to be short, since I have a ton of stuff to do today before I go to work. Salon has a good article up today about the man who went undercover and worked at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Company slaughterhouse for six weeks where he continually witnessed acts of extreme animal cruelty. He […]

This Should Surprise No One: Dangerous Mercury Levels Found in Sushi Tuna in NYC

I love me some tuna. Toro, maguro, yellowfin-I love them all. I love the roseate slices draped over nigiri, enrobing the rice and vinegar balls with their delicate flavor and buttery rich texture. Even more, I love the sensual process of eating tuna sashimi, plucking each slice like the petal of a fleshy blossom, dipping […]

The Literary Approach to Raising a Little Foodie: The Books of Amy Wilson Sanger

I know that quite a few of you don’t have babies or children of your own. But you may well have nieces or nephews, or a number of friends who have decided to procreate, or heck, maybe even a neighbor or co-worker is about to have a baby. What is the perfect gift for a […]

The Cookbook Caper: So, Did Jessica Seinfeld (ahem) “Borrow” Some Ideas from Missy Chase Lapine?

I’ve been watching this cookbook catfight develop over the past week, and I must say that I am heartily confused by it all. Cookbook catfight? What cookbook catfight, you may wonder, especially if you don’t read the New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, or watch Fox News. (Don’t worry–I don’t watch Fox […]

Ditalini With Eggplant, Kale and Caramelized Onions: Mamma’s Necessary Invention

When it is lunchtime, and a Mom has a hungry baby on her hands, she has to work fast. It’s a thing. But, I am too lazy of a Mom to want to cook something for Kat, and then something for myself and whoever else is around during the lunch hour, so, I just improvise, […]

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