How Can Vegetarians, Vegans and Omnivores Learn To Talk With Each Other?

Last Monday, when I wrote the post Largest Beef Recall in US History a Natural Consequence of Industrial Agricultural Practices, I figured that there would be a fair amount of comments, but I never really thought about what kind of comments I would get. I did expect some kneejerk vegan responses which are always an […]

Salon Article On The Making Of The Humane Society Slaughterhouse Video

This is going to be short, since I have a ton of stuff to do today before I go to work. Salon has a good article up today about the man who went undercover and worked at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Company slaughterhouse for six weeks where he continually witnessed acts of extreme animal cruelty. He […]

Largest Beef Recall in US History a Natural Consequence of Industrial Agricultural Practices

My regular readers by now should know what I think of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s), which are the backbone of the meat industry in the United States: they create unsafe environments for humans and animals, cause untold amounts of animal and human suffering, they lead to unsafe, dirty meat supplies, and they are just […]

This Should Surprise No One: Dangerous Mercury Levels Found in Sushi Tuna in NYC

I love me some tuna. Toro, maguro, yellowfin-I love them all. I love the roseate slices draped over nigiri, enrobing the rice and vinegar balls with their delicate flavor and buttery rich texture. Even more, I love the sensual process of eating tuna sashimi, plucking each slice like the petal of a fleshy blossom, dipping […]

Talking Turkey: Please Don’t Kill The Bird Twice

Cooking turkey intimidates a lot of people. I used to be the same way, and then I went to culinary school, and got over my fears of the giant bird. I got over my fears not only because I learned a lot of useful stuff when it comes to successfully roasting large fowl, but also […]

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