Did Michael Pollan Stick His Foot In His Mouth?

I have been on a partial media blackout, in an effort to not stay glued to the Internet reading news articles that generally do nothing but upset or disgust me, so I missed Michael Pollan’s most recent New York Times Magazine article titled “Out of the Kitchen and Onto the Couch.” It was pointed out […]

My Foodie Summer Reading Pile

Summertime is the time for reading. Well, in truth, every season is the time for reading. In the summer, you can lounge by the pool or loll on a blanket on the beach and devour a good book from behind movie-star sunglasses. Or, you can be like me as a kid, and climb up in […]

Making Mondays Meatless

I know that the Meatless Monday campaign promoted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been in the media a lot recently, but I still wanted to present it to my readers because not only is it a good idea for our personal health to eat less meat, it is good for our […]

Food In The News: Is Organic Cane Sugar a Health Food And Other Burning Questions

Since When Is Cane Sugar A Health Food? Zak sent me a link to an extremely interesting NY Times article where I learned that since consumers have decided that high fructose corn syrup is the devil that has caused rampant obesity in the United States (and yes, it may be -one- factor among -many- involved […]

The Foodie-in-Chief and The First Locavore?

These are my new titles for our President and First Lady, and I think they are probably apropos, in addition to being cute. I find it fascinating how everyone wants to know everything about the Obamas–what they wear, where they send their kids to school, and what they eat, all being included in the exuberant […]

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