Can Urban Farming Help Alleviate A Looming Food Crisis?

Americans need to go back to the land. I don’t mean this in a 1960’s, leaving the city for a commune in the country, complete with goat milk, wheat grass and sprouted lentil loaves, kind of way. I think we all need to get back to the land wherever we are. We need to touch […]

How Can Vegetarians, Vegans and Omnivores Learn To Talk With Each Other?

Last Monday, when I wrote the post Largest Beef Recall in US History a Natural Consequence of Industrial Agricultural Practices, I figured that there would be a fair amount of comments, but I never really thought about what kind of comments I would get. I did expect some kneejerk vegan responses which are always an […]

Salon Article On The Making Of The Humane Society Slaughterhouse Video

This is going to be short, since I have a ton of stuff to do today before I go to work. Salon has a good article up today about the man who went undercover and worked at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Company slaughterhouse for six weeks where he continually witnessed acts of extreme animal cruelty. He […]

Michael Pollan On The Farm Bill

We all know what the Farm Bill is, don’t we? Well, in case we don’t, Michael Pollan steps up to the plate and explains the history of it, the significance of it, and the particulars of the 2007 Farm Bill in his recent OpEd piece, “Weed It and Reap.” He notes in his well-reasoned essay […]

Pork: The Little White Lie

I just want to clear something up, right here and right now. Contrary to what the National Pork Board has been saying since 1987, pork is not a white meat. It is red meat. End of story. Well, okay, it isn’t the end of the story, although it should be. However, 9 out of 10 […]

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