Luxurious Vegetarian Pasta: Fettucine With Rapini, Walnuts and Gorgonzola

Pasta is one of the best ways to introduce omnivores to vegetarian dishes that, in the immortal words of my friend Kendra, “don’t suck.” The truth is, there is no reason in the world that vegetarian cuisine should suck any more than non-vegetarian cuisines. Delicious is delicious, and as far as I am concerned, plant-based […]

Brittney’s Skillet Spaghetti With Shiitake and Rapini: A Quick Vegetarian Meal

Okay, I didn’t make up this recipe. It is Morganna’s friend, Brittney’s recipe and even though she says it is just something she makes for quick dinner, I think it is delicious, and wanted to share it with you. Now, the truth is, the rapini, also known as broccoli rabe, which is in it, was […]

Rice and Lamb Stuffed Pattypan Squash

I adore pattypan squash. They are those round summer squashes that come in colors ranging from jade-green or cream to yellow to orange to dark green that have fluted or ridged edges and range in size from wee babies the size of a fifty-cent piece to ones that would easily fill a professional basketball player’s […]

Moroccan Gazpacho

There is no traditional dish called Moroccan gazpacho. I just want to be clear about that up front. I made it up. I wasn’t the first person to make it up, apparently, but rest assured that any version of this soup you run across is not authentically Moroccan. It may be gazpacho, but it sure […]

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: Spaghetti with Ramps, Green Garlic and Goat Feta

I bet you are wondering why I called this recipe “Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang,” right? Well, it has nothing to do with either James Bond, the movie with Robert Downey Jr. or the Torchwood episode of the same name. It has to do with the nature of the recipe I am presenting. This pasta sauce […]

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