The Whole Enchilada Part I: The Sauce

I used to make enchilada’s “from scratch–” meaning I took store bought corn tortillas, doctored a can of store-bought sauce, made a filling out of some sort of meat and shredded cheese and wrapped the tortillas around the filling, poured the sauce over, dumped shredded cheese in and baked it and called it “home-made.” Yeah, […]

Calico Salsa: It is All About the Tomatoes

I wait the entire year for summer tomatoes. The rest of the year, I don’t bother eating any fresh tomatoes. There is no point. The hothouse or hydroponic tomatoes in the grocery store do not even deserve the name, “tomato,” they are so unlike the real article–they completely lack the flavor, texture and juice of […]

Enchiladas Verde

So, I had delicious leftover pinto beans. And I found tomatillos at the market. A farmer had a bunch of poblanos and Anaheim chiles. And avocados are in season. (Well, not here in Ohio–they are never in season here. But they are all over the grocery stores in various stages of wonderful.) What does all […]

Once Upon a Time in China and America

“Stinky Ox Among Lilies.” Or, to be blunt, bison and ramp stir-fry. The bison is amazingly tender and flavorful and the ramps mellow considerably in the high heat of the wok. It is a nice switch on a beef and garlic flavor profile. This is a story. About a wok, a hunk of buffalo meat […]

The Skinny on Bison

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, bison ruled the central plains. In great herds they roamed, grazing the prairie grasses in a web of interdependence between plant and mammal. The native tribes hunted them, and from their bodies came food, clothing, shelter, medicine, tools and household items. They were a […]

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