Hunkar Begendi: A Turkish Classic Fit For An Empress

Most people consider stews to be humble affairs, meant for homey dinners wit family, but this Turkish dish of lamb stewed with garlic, onions, tomatoes and herbs, then topped with a roasted eggplant and cheese-enriched bechamel sauce is special enough to be served in at state dinners of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, it is […]

From Gaza: Sumakiyah

One of the best parts of working at Salaam is that I get to do research into new cuisines and dishes for dinner specials which I may not have ever sought out otherwise. In point of fact, while I was interested in the food culture of the Middle East before I began working at Salaam, […]

A Persian Classic: Koresh e Fesenjan–Done My Way

Koresh e fesenjan is a famous Persian dish where chicken is poached, and then smothered in a sauce consisting primarily of pomegranate juice or molasses and walnuts, with a few spices, primarily cinnamon and pepper, added. The chicken with the rich, thick deep mahogany brown sauce, is served over rice, with a sprinkling of fresh […]

Muhammara: It’s Vegan, It’s Good For You and It’s Damned Sexy

Muhammara is a dip, spread, sauce, condiment or salad that is said to have originated in Aleppo, Syria, although, it is served and eaten all over the Middle East. It is also sexy: red, a little spicy, smooth, and oh so slippery on the tongue and tingly on the lips. It’s like a long kiss […]

Inspiration For A Light Supper: Moroccan Chicken Salad

In creating dinner specials for Restaurant Salaam, I have found inspiration in sometimes surprising places. Of course, I am inspired by recipes I have found in the many dozens of cookbooks covering the regions of North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and Western China which I have in my collection. This goes […]

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