Umami From the Oceans of Asia

I think it may be the strong use of feremented condiments, sauces and flavor enhancers in Asian foods that first grabbed my attention. Of course, I didn’t have the knowledge to articulate that thought–I just was of the opinion, from the first taste, that Chinese food was “damned good,” and that I needed some more. […]

Mutable Noodles: Pad Thai

There is no single definative pad thai recipe. Any Thai cookbook worth consulting will tell you that. Pad thai, probably the most well-known and loved Thai dish in the United States, is a street-stall food that is infinately variable in flavor, ingredients and condiments. The one constant is that it involves a very hot wok, […]

Thai Inspirations: Spicy Tuna with Basil

I realized when I was eating the catfish simmered in coconut milk with fresh turmeric that I had gotten out of the habit of cooking Thai food. I guess in my never-ending quest to learn as much as possible about Chinese cookery, I forgot to keep up with my studies on Thai cookery. Tasting the […]

What Does Fresh Turmeric Taste Like?

I very abjectly apologize for keeping everyone in suspense over the question of what, exactly does fresh turmeric taste like. I didn’t get to apply my culinary skills to that conundrum until last night, and then, instead of blogging about it, I blogged about cats instead. Why:? Because I am wicked, and wanted people’s minds […]

Lingering Scents

It is good to wake up to the lingering mingled scents of last night’s stir fry. Since I have two kitchens, and currently the upstairs kitchen has the more powerful stove, I do all of my stir-frying upstairs. There is inadequate ventilation, so if what I cook is strongly-scented, it hangs around at least until […]

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