What To Do With Garlic Scapes And Purple Asparagus

One of the most exciting things about shopping at the farmers market is finding something new and interesting to cook that I have never tasted before. And the farmers who sell at the Athens Farmers Market are so very much into diversity, experimentation and growing new and interesting plants, that there is seldom a week […]

Thai Spicy Chicken, Basil and Asparagus

I decided last August that local eating didn’t have to preclude global flavors. When I made the choice to continue to eat condiments and foods that have never been and will never be produced in Ohio, while choosing Ohio-produced staple foods: vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and dairy items, that meant I didn’t have to give […]

Mu Pad Prik King: A Thai Dry Curry

Some people are confused when they hear the words, “dry” and “curry” uttered together. I am not really certain why; if one eats either Thai or Indian foods often, there are plenty of dishes that are called “curry” that are not soupy with gravy or sauce, but dry, with spices or spice pastes clinging to […]

The Return of Pad Thai

Do you remember when I wrote about pad thai the first time and mentioned that the stir-fried noodle dish was infinately variable, and that there was no one way to make it? And I said that even I didn’t make it the same way every time, and that I would change around the ingredients to […]

Thai Red Curry: A Lesson In Flavor Balance

When Americans talk about Thai food, many of them get caught up by the heat of the chile peppers, which either incites the machismo response of “I can take mine hotter than you can take yours,” or causes fear and distress among those whose palates are not accustomed to the burning sensation chiles impart to […]

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