The Queen of Thai Curries: Green Curry

And now we come to it: my favorite Thai curry of all time. Green curry. I tend to only make green curry in the summer, when the herbs and seasonings that go into it are fresh and readily available, because I am snobby about the curry paste. There is something about green curry paste that […]

The Fresh Flavors of Thai Food

As you can see, my shipment from arrived. Look at how lovely and fresh the lemongrass and especially the galangal look! Everything smells wonderful, though I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with the lime leaves–usually when I open a box from Thaigrocer, the first scent that strikes me as I unwrap […]

Panang Neur: Panang Curry Beef

Panang neur, otherwise known in English as Panang curry beef, is a fairly dry coconut milk curry that is named after the city of Panang, which borders southern Thailand and Malaysia. The chile paste is often thickened with peanuts, so those with a peanut allergy should avoid this dish; for others, the flavor is indescribably […]

Thai Chicken Soup For The Soul: Tom Kha Gai

Some foods are comforting because they remind us of our childhoods. They remind us of home, mother, milk, and the warmth of grandmother’s kitchen. They take us back to when life was good, and simple and food was something that came to you without effort. As children, we asked, and then, did receive. Other foods […]

Cookout: All-American Style? Or, Not….

I get teased a lot for being unable to make “just plain old food.” Like, my macaroni and cheese is not from a box and it contains caramelized onions, fresh garlic and chipotle en adobo, along with at least three kinds of cheese. And my mashed potatoes contain lots of garlic, boiled and mashed with […]

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