Kitchen Update: Cabinets!

About one half of the cabinets are hung and installed! Oh, it is exciting to leave the house, with the kitchen being a mess of unpacked cabinetry and come home to see it all taking shape. There on the left you see the right side of the windows. There is an open cabinet, then the […]

Kitchen Cabinets Unveiled

Okay, the cabinets are not hung yet, but they did get carried up from our garage and unpacked today, and as you can see, they are very, very pretty. They would have started installing them, except the man in charge of our kitchen construction was called out on an emergency job, and he couldn’t make […]

What Does My Kitchen Look Like Now, Part II

They started painting today; tomorrow or the next day, they will start putting in the cabinetry. You can see the color to the right there–a nice pale sage/moss green. It looks well with the golden oak woodwork and the reddish terra cotta tile floor. Tomorrow, Dan and Heather will also take away the old kitchen […]

The Kitchen Update: Lights, Walls and Infrastructure

This is the second week of kitchen rennovation, and I thought I would post some photographs of the progress so far. I know it doesn’t look like there has been much in the way of progress, but there has. For one thing, the walls, ceiling and floor are all intact, and the walls are ready […]

What Does My Kitchen Look Like Now?

Aptly enough, it looks like a construction site. I haven’t gotten really good pictures of it looking like a war zone, but you can see it now, sans flimsy cabinetry, 1BTU gas stove (we joked that it had 1BTU that it shared among all four burners), sink, dishwasher and the Sub Zero. Oddly, Zak pointed […]

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