How to Read a Seed Packet

“Oh, boy,” you must be thinking to yourself right now. “Barbara’s lost her damned mind. Why does she want to write about reading seed packets? Any idiot can read the back of a seed packet….” Well, yes, and no. Really what this post is about is understanding the information that most seed companies put on […]

The Successful Gardener’s Essential Tool

The greatest tool a kitchen gardener can have to ensure successful harvests is not a shovel, hoe, tractor or tiller. Though to be sure each of those tools are useful and necessary, none of them are the single most useful weapon in the gardener’s arsenal when it comes to getting good harvests year after year. […]

A Tool To Make Cooking With Kids Easier And Safer: The Learning Tower

By now, most folks who read this blog know how strongly I feel about cooking and eating with our kids. And, for those who pay attention to the news, there have been reports several times a year for the past five years or so on research that has shown, over and over again, that family […]

Test-Driving Lodge Enameled Cast Iron

I have a small collection of Le Creuset cast iron: a grill pan and a round French oven that were gifted to me by Zak’s grandmother when she became too frail to lift them anymore, a tiny skillet I got free for registering for Le Creuset back when Zak and I got married (fifteen years […]

Reviewing The Preethi: I Picked a Winner!

So, here’s the post that the kitchen geeks have been waiting for: the review of the new Preethi Eco Plus wet/dry grinder mixie. First of all, let me explain why I picked out the Eco Plus instead of one of the other, newer models of Preethi. It is quite simple–the other, newer models, such as […]

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