Weekend Cat Blogging: Kitchen Companions

One of the best things about having many cats in a house this big is that, no matter what I am doing or where I am, I have at least one companion. Sometimes, two. For example, here are Springheel Jack and Tatterdemalion (Jack is the big one), sitting in my kitchen bookshelves, watching me do […]

From My Rasoi: Bhatura–Indian Bread For Brunch or Breakfast

I have always loved Indian breads. Naan, pooris, chapati, roti and paratha are all great favorites of mine, but I think that my best-beloved is bhatura. This is probably because the first time I had it was at Akbar in Colubia, Maryland, where we were surprised by a basket of it by one of the […]

The Chinese Cookbook Project VIII: Learning to Cook Like Buddha

It has been since November that I have written about any of my adventures in seeking to expand my collection of Chinese cookbooks in English, so it was getting to be time to do another installment of “The Chinese Cookbook Project.” Just as I was gearing up to write about the books by the fantastic […]

Net Outage

We’re having internet issues here at Chez Umami. As a result, blogging may be a bit delayed until we can get them resolved. Thanks for your patience.

From The Fifth Taste: Hillbilly DeLuxe Dinner

Alright, it’s true: multiple award-winning chef Bradley Ogden, the originator of this dish did not call it Hillbilly DeLuxe Dinner. That right there is my very own nomenclature. But, I figured that since I fiddled with his recipe, which I found in The Fifth Taste, to the point of substituting no less than five ingredients […]

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