Mu Pad Prik King: A Thai Dry Curry

Some people are confused when they hear the words, “dry” and “curry” uttered together. I am not really certain why; if one eats either Thai or Indian foods often, there are plenty of dishes that are called “curry” that are not soupy with gravy or sauce, but dry, with spices or spice pastes clinging to […]

The Pantry

I may be organized in many parts of my life. I may know where most every little widget and gadget in my kitchen lives, and I may know where I put the tax forms and where obscure bits of medical equipment live, but my pantry is a mess. Behold the disarray, the mess, the jumble. […]

2005 Food Blog Award Winners Announced!

Kate has announced the winners in the 2005 Food Blog Awards at the Well Fed Network. I won. I am in shock. I won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Post for Meat Comes From Animals, Deal With It, or Eat Vegetables. I am virtually speechless, mainly because I did not expect to win–the competition […]

Memes, Memes, Everywhere, Memes

It got tapped for two memes this week, one by Rose of The Hungry Rose and one by Rokh of Thiam Jak. Sunday being what we used to call in the newsroom, “a slow news day,” I figured I’d write them both up and kill two memes with one bird, or a post in hand […]

Doings at the Paper Palate

This is just a quick post to keep all of my readers up to date on what I am writing for the Paper Palate, and to give y’all a taste of some of the other great writing you can find on the Well Fed Network. Inspired by a NY Times article called “Generation Pad Thai,” […]

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