A Cake Fit For An Emperor: Gateau de Mumtaz Mahal

Roses are the queen of flowers. They are sensual with their profusion of velvety petals from which waft their seductive scent. Although the use of roses in cookery has fallen out of favor in the West, they were once quite popular, particularly in the Medievaland Rennaisance periods. Rosewater and attar of roses were used not […]

In Memory of Edna Lewis, Southern Cookbook Author and Wonderful Human Being

I looked at the New York Times today and found out that not only has Hackett dropped out of the Senate race here in Ohio (I was planning on working for his campaign) , but Edna Lewis has died. It is truly a bummer of a Valentine’s Day for me. I wrote an announcement over […]

Book Review: Monsoon Diary

Some prose is like poetry in its rhythym; words pattering like raindrops against a rooftop, liquid syllables dripping honey on the tongue and in the heart. Images arise from phrases, teasing the reader with haunting reminiscences so visceral that they might as well be their own. A gifted writer can deftly unfold sentences and engulf […]

Shopping: Mission Accomplished!

So, we went to Columbus today to shop. We do this fairly frequently, considering that Columbus is an hour and a half drive away from home. But we hadn’t gone there to shop for meat and chicken at the North Market since before Christmas. Which meant, my freezer was becoming bare. You know, we were […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Gummitch the Handsome

Claire, of Eatstuff, and beloved companion of Kiri, the Amazing Christmas Miracle Cat, asked us to show folks what the cutest thing that our cats will do for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging. However, I already posted a couple of pictures illustrating that last week, (if you missed them, check them out here), so instead, […]

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