I Can’t Believe I’m Eating Leftovers: Char Siu Lo Mein

This post is for a friend who has likely made himself a pile of leftovers. Because, it is that if you follow my char siu recipe, as my friend has done, you are bound to have a few leftovers, especially if you made it in order to make char siu bao, you are going to […]

Freeganism: What’s Up With That?

You know, I am not good with extremists of any sort. And that apparently includes freegans. Even when I agree with some portion of whatever philosophy they espouse, there is something unsettling about extremist behavior that sets my teeth on edge. I think it has to do with my inability to respect hypocrisy in any […]

A Tribute to the Nine Jewels: Navrattan Korma

I really enjoy dishes that have poetic names. Even if the name is not in English, if it is poetic, I seem to remember it better, and appreciate it more. Besides, poetic names usually have a story behind them, and we all know that part of the fun of learning a new recipe is that […]

Book Review: Curry

I started reading Lizzie Collingham’s book, Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, last week, and finished it within a few days. It is a fascinating little book, filled with historical details and thought-provoking ideas, the most revolutionary of which is that curry, as a dish, has gone beyond its origin in India, and has […]

The First Indian Food I Ever Made: Rogan Josht

Long, long ago, before I had married Morganna’s father, and before I had even heard of anyone named Zak, I was still a curious cook. My curiosity was curtailed, however, by several factors: one, I was poor and could seldom afford interesting ingredients, two, Morganna’s father was not a very adventurous eater and I lived […]

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